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Haggis Hunting

A short article on the demise of haggis hunting on the North Yorkshire Moors.   More...



The Greatest English football team

Which is the greatest English football team of all time? This section attempts to clear that question up once and for all.  More...

Back where we belong

How many time have we heard this? This section helps by looking at the record of teams in the top divison of English football. This also helps in answering the other question above.  More...

Top Tier Tables and FA Cup Results

All the FA Cup final results and final tables for each year since it all began in 1872, plus the occasional nugget of trivia.  More...

English Premiership Score Predictor

Doing the pools?  Playing a footy prediction game?  Use this handy tool to predict the results and even to see how the premiership will finish this season.  More...
Or this one for the Championship