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This is a site about nothing in particular. In particular it doesn't do anything.
There are no major revelations about anything at all of any nature whatsoever.

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Arts and Entertainment

Jimi Hendrix

The greatest electric guitarist who ever lived. And here're some pictures to prove it.   More...

The Beatles

Rare footage of the Fab Four in concert.   More...


Lottery Numbers

Generate your very own lucky lottery numbers. Winner every time. See Note 1

Note 1. This is not true


See what the stars have in store for you today. More...


Random Words

A list of 50 completely random, made up words. More...

More Random Words

Another list of 50 completely random, made up words, but with English prefixes and suffixes. More...

Even More Random Words

Yet Another list of 50 completely random, made up words, also with English prefixes and suffixes, but based on the ETAONIS letter distribution. More...

Memorable Password

Stuck for a memorable password? More...

Word Counter

Sick of word counts never matching, so I wrote my own More...

Fun and Games


The football based bingo game nobody's talking about. More...

Porn Film Star Names

Get your very own porn film star name. More...

Glam Rock Star Names

Get your very own Glam Rock star name. More...

Company Name

Get your very own new media company name. More...

New Swear Words

So you want to swear but don't want to use one of the classics. More...


Join the Dots - Make Most Squares To Win! - Play it...

Horoscope for today

Leo 24th July - 23rd August

Frogs will rain down from the skies. Don't forget to take your umbrella.  Try having chicken tikka masala for breakfast.

Lucky Composer: Elgar

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