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The Greatest English Football Team Ever

Which is the all time greatest and best English football team of all time?

This is a question that has been debated in pubs, clubs and barber shops up and down the country for centuries (19th, 20th and 21st)   One method used to settle the argument has been to look at the triumphs of the teams involved.   However, these usually include European competitions i.e. the UEFA Cup, or competitions recently introduced i.e. the League Cup.
Therefore I have come up with the definitive answer based solely on the two longest running FA competitions - The FA Cup and the FA League.

Why not include the League Cup I hear you cry?
Because that was only introduced in 1960 giving an unfair advantage to the dominant teams since then.   Who knows how the great sides prior to 1960, such as the Aston Villa side of the 1890s, the Huddersfield side of the 1920s or the Arsenal side of the 1930s, would have fared if the League Cup had been played when they were dominating?

Why not the European cups then?
Easy, because we're talking about the English domestic game.

The points allocation system is very simple.  
For the league I have taken the top three clubs in the top division from each full season and awarded three points for first position, two points for second and one point for third.  
For the cup I have awarded the winner two points and the runner up one point.
In the event of a tie I have arbitrarily decided on the order of importance:

  1. League first place
  2. FA Cup winner
  3. League second place
  4. FA Cup runner up
  5. League third place

Another question you might be asking.   Why the top three and the FA Cup runner up?
Simple, I wanted to make sure that Middlesbrough appeared in an all time great list! (Boro finished third in the league in 1914 and second in the FA cup in 1997)
Also, it would have been too much work to do the top ten or whatever.   Maybe another time.

OK, enough waffle, let's have a look at the table.

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